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Cannibal Corpse to Consume Their Fans at Culture Room

Certain creation myths dictate that evil was born 22 years ago in Buffalo, New York. Since then, the men who make up Cannibal Corpse have chugged along, maintaining relevance within a scene that often imitates and replicates within itself — no easy task.

With 11 full-lengths behind them and thousands of live engagements testified to by sore necks and bans for offensive behavior, there's nothing out there that can stop the self-consumption of carrion. Even the old debate of superiority between the Chris Barnes and George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher eras has quelled.

Does anybody remember that former guitarist Bob Rusay pulled an Alice Cooper and went the golf route? That's a special dark, upper-class evil right there. Though Cannibal Corpse has grown technically over the years, the trace elements of brutal thrash that made the racket fun and unique reverberate still within the elements of the band's latest effort, Evisceration Plague. Yeah, these guys are the real deal. Let's hope they open with "Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's Cunt."

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Abel Folgar