Carlos Charlie Perez' Short Film Billy the Kids Debuts

Carlos Charlie Perez wants to make a feature film someday. The South Florida native who specializes in music videos told us as much in a music feature last fall. During our visit to his New York studio space, plans were beginning to come together for his collaboration with Opening Ceremony, a high-end clothier. This four-minute piece, scripted and directed by Perez, is a step closer to the Bonnie and Clyde musical he's got up his sleeve.

Filmed in Brooklyn, the fashionable threads of OC's spring collection are on display here -- through Perez's nostalgic eye. Accompanied by tunes from Black Lips and Delicate Steve, the actors don cardboard masks of Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, Shelley Long, and a gorilla and eventually a cut-out Elvis get smacked up. View in general amusement below.

Billy The Kids from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.


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