Carol Jazzar-Curated "Following the Line" Exhibition at the Girls' Club Honors the Practice of Drawing

While a show dedicated to the age-old practice of drawing and the role of "the line" in contemporary art might, at first, seem one-dimensional or simply passé, Following the Line at Girls' Club in Fort Lauderdale, succeeds at re-informing the power and relevance of drawing in use today. It does so by demonstrating the immediacy and intimacy of one of the art world's less glamorous genres.

The show is curated by Miami gallerist Carol Jazzar, taking from the Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz private collection. Situated inside the Margi Nothard-designed industrial warehouse space that is home to the Girls' Club Collection, Following the Line features 46 line-based pieces by 30 artists, mostly women, from nearly 15 countries, with a few strong local picks. 

Graphite, ink, colored pencil, layered mylar, etching, and aquatint are the materials, essential and direct, which allow the artists to quickly commit a fleeting concept or feeling to paper, or get down a first sketch as part of a perhaps much longer process.

The idea of process -- artistic process as well as life processes -- serves as an elegant thematic undercurrent to the show, which touches on everything from coming of age and pregnancy to mourning and the human relationship to nature.

See the full review here.

- Falyn Freyman

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