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Cat Power Released From Hospital, According to Twitter and Instagram

Chan Marshall, AKA Cat Power, was hospitalized this weekend at Miami Beach's Mount Sinai Medical Center. No one knows exactly why the 40-year-old singer and model spent some time in a nurse's care, but it doesn't seem like it was too crazy a reason, since she's already been released. And like any other person stuck in the hospital in our digital age, she went straight to Instagram to document her stay.

Marshall seemed to actually be having a lot of fun at the hospital.

You can see she took a photo of herself wearing a pair of fake glasses

with eyes and eyebrows drawn on (fake drawn-on glasses are the

international symbol for having fun).

She even food-stagrammed

her hospital meal, which, holy shit, does not look gross at all. Is that

matzoh-ball soup? Hey, if my appendix needs to be taken out, someone

needs to drive me to this joint.

Cat Power fans sorta had reason

to worry since, in 2006, Cat Power canceled her "The Greatest Tour" after

she checked herself into the psych ward at the same facility. Huge

bummer for fans. The whole situation was actually pretty damned serious, and we're all really grateful she survived that breakdown.

A Matador rep claims this has nothing to do with that. And according to her most recent tweet, she's doing A-OK ("GOD I LOVE MIAMI. GOD I LOVE RED SNAPPER. ").

Either way, this will in no way affect her October 11 show at Grand Central, so do not fret, Cat Power fans!

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