Cats Officially Own Christmas

If there were a genus of mammals that should be most grateful for the internet, it's the felis, which includes the domestic cat. And not just the most flawless of kitties have benefited from the World Wide Web. Nope. Differently abled and homeless felines have found as much, if not more, fame on the internets as the furriest and cuddliest. For example, we all know Grumpy Cat. He's a dwarf. So is Lil Bub. Then there's Oskar the Blind Cat, who is, well, you know, unable to see.

Maybe it all stared with Lolcats, and maybe we still want a li'l Lolcat sometimes. But as the web evolved and our tastes changed, we just want CATS. And turns out, in 2013, they're seriously all we want for Christmas too.

This holiday season, these mewing beasts have reached the height of visibility. Did you see Christmas Cats TV? A grandma-type (who seemed to have boned Elvis and Johnny Cash), an elf guy -- comedian Andrew Rappo -- and tons of kitties were live-streamed as they celebrated Christmas a few weeks early. Then there's Grumpy Cat on everything. GC even got together with a slew of other internet pussies to make a Friskies commercial. But that's not all.

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Let's start with Christmas Cats TV. It was live on the web from December 4 to 6. It drew attention to the North Shore Animal League America, a massive rescue and no-kill shelter. The whole TV shtick was meant to get kitties adopted for the season.

Whether or not you like cats, Christmas Cats TV plays some of the best historic reissues of X-mas music from Legacy Recordings. Even though what's showing on the site now was prerecorded, the tunes and banter and kitties are still up, and it's hypnotic. Watch it or weep, or something.

Just yesterday, the world mewed in pleasure when it saw this cat get wrapped for Christmas. Flippy the Cat is a freaking saint. Maybe you get a cat from the North Shore Animal League, sedate it, and then wrap it for your kid? Cats 4 Christmas!

Side note: My cat would claw me to death and lap up my bloody remains if I tried to do this to him.

The final proof that cats are owning this holiday is the Friskies commercial that everyone should see but it seems no one has. It includes Grumpy Cat (of course), Colonel Meow, Oskar the Blind Cat, Nala Cat, and Hamilton the Hipster Cat. Yes, those are all internet-famous felines. The tune is called "It's Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas." A flat-out lie.

They're promoting the deliciousness of wet cat food. Friskies is donating a can of that sweet treat with each click -- up to 500k -- to pussy shelters and rescue orgs around the nation. You can download the song on iTunes or just watch it here.

And, hey. Say Merry Christmas to your cat for me.

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