Caturday Saturday Masquerade Ball at Stache Celebrates Feline Love with the Cat Network

If you think you've got a better idea about what to do this Saturday than Caturday, you're fooling yourself, buddy. This third annual feline-friendly party is bringing whiskers and pretty pink noses to the space now known as Stache. Though the look has changed quite a bit since it was known as Green Room, the message is consistent: kitties matter!

The event supports the Cat Network -- the only people who'll call you back on a holiday if you find an abandoned or wounded kitten. These folks are amazing. They spay and neuter feral cats and are adopting out a few lovable little lions on Saturday. They'll be set up outside so that even if you're allergic, you can still come show your pawed pals you dig them.

This year's got a theme; it's a masquerade ball where you get champagne and a kitten mask at the door. There will be kitten burlesque (keep reading for details on this!), a photo booth, a Midnight Mar-Kat where you can get "cat swag." The hungry can munch on tuna sashimi from Sushi Song and crepes, art lovers will enjoy work by Jon Rice, literary sorts can grab a copy of the Kitten Empire Gazette, and for those who favor live music, there'll be tunes by the soulful Chloe Dolandis.

We got some tips on how to best love your four-legged, furry beast and the best reasons to attend Caturday by the kitty-obsessed organizers, Jonny Veo and Brando Garcia-Rovai.

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New Times: I often wonder why anyone would choose to own dogs over cats. What do you think: cats or dogs or both? And why?

Jonny Veo: I personally think that cats and dogs can live in perfect harmony. No one should ever have to choose one or the other.

Brando Garcia-Rovai: Cats and dogs over people any day. Both cats and dogs accomplish the same thing when paired with a person. They never lie, cheat, steal, and anytime someone can spend any time with a pure creature like that, their quality of life improves.

What are the top three reasons cats are great companions?

Veo: Great "CAT"panions? Cats are independent and clean themselves. They knock off those unsightly glasses of water from your coffee table and tear up your blinds so that the sun can shine through and brighten your day.

Garcia-Rovai: Cats walk themselves, I love dogs but that's a big plus. I think most people at one point or another dream about being a ninja, and since that's nearly impossible, adopting a ninja cat (they're all ninjas) usually fills the void. Cats also aid in agility and balance training in the dark, they will try and trip you, and those are added skills you can use in everyday life.

Can you tell me about your own animals? Brando, I know you have a cat-filled Instagram and Jonny, you have the Kitten Empire Gazette. Tell me about those too!

Veo: My kitten "Marzi Strongbad Veo" is named after the Homestar Runner characters. She likes playing games like "Treat Train," where I line up a bunch of treats and sing her the treat train song. I'm pretty sure it's the catchiest song ever written.

Garcia-Rovai: The list of feline friends goes on and on, but I do have favorites. Biscuit for example was born a cat model, he lives to be on screen and has the highest cat IQ I've ever encountered. Princess Leia is one of my favorite rescues and loves to play hide and seek especially with strangers (they never find her). And since I can't spend every hour with all of my cat friends, I try and pay tribute and raise "CAT"wareness through my social media outlets. Cat sharing is caring.

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Do you have any advice for cat owners? Any helpful tips on loving your feline?

Veo: Yes! Cats are like humans, and the more time you put in, the stronger of a bond you will build.

Garcia-Rovai: Do what makes your cat happy and make them box forts. They love box forts. They'll return the favor with biscuits.

From 1 to 10, how much do your cats love you?

Veo: My cats love for me goes up to 11.

Garcia-Rovai: How many seconds does it take a mosquito to fly to pluto? The amount is immeasurable. So multiply that by 9.

Are you gonna have real live kitties at Caturday?

Veo: Yes! The Cat Network will be there with kittens dressed as 1920s flapper cats, looking for new homes and taking donations.

Why should someone who doesn't adore cats attend this kitty-filled event?

Veo: Stache has amazing craft cocktails such as the smoked old fashioned... No joke, we set stuff on fire and you drink the smokey goodness! The party is a Masquerade Ball, and what's better than a little mystery in your dance party?! Also the cats will be on the patio for those with allergies!

Garcia-Rovai: In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Gatsby, "And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy." We know how to throw Gatsby-like events, cats or no cats, it will be a ball. A lot of people will be able to have their cat voids filled and thats both an added benefit to the human and feline communities.

Caturday Saturday Masquerade Ball. 8 p.m., Saturday, July 19, at Stache, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Visit,, and

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