Cee-Lo's Official "Fuck You" Video Confirms He Had a Foul Mouth in His Youth

The world was a very different place before Cee-Lo Green unleashed "Fuck You." The brilliant dancing-text video had captured the retro soul vibe of the music, as well the modern frustration -- XBox versus Atari -- of its lyrics. Now that everyone's just a little more comfortable with the phrase (except perhaps the New York Times), it's with distinct pleasure that County Grind points eyes to the delightful video accompaniment.

Cutting between shots of the grown-ass version of Cee-Lo Green and his younger but no less innocent self, the clip follows a series of romantic interludes in a diner that could have been in business back when many of the "Fuck You" R&B influentials were coming up with ways to sing "fuck you" in a more subtle, clean fashion. Watch below.

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