Crist, his savior.
Crist, his savior.

Charlie Crist Endorses Jim Morrison Pardon

Maddening enough that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist hasn't heeded our advice against pardoning deceased Doors frontman Jim Morrison -- the guy's actually going ahead with this wacko waste of time. "My heart bleeds for he and his family that this may not have even ever

happened, yet it's unfortunately currently part of his record," Crist says in the  New York Times. Just to recap, this whole discussion stems from a 41-year-old indecent-exposure charge filed after a notorious Miami concert in which Morrison was drunk and disorderly, according to many recorded accounts.

Let it be noted that Crist's the only one who can still

bleed because his fellow Florida State University alum is most likely buried in a cemetery in France. If

the Lizard King's still living, as some commenters suggested when this

topic came up the first time, then it's doubtful that this minor smear

on his record is the reason he's stayed in hiding for the past 40 years.

Let it also be noted that Dave Diamond, who contacted County Grind personally recently, is the most vocal speaker for Morrison's cause but is not a blood relative.

By mid-December, we should know if this charge gets expunged or if the rest of the four-member Florida Board of Executive Clemency would prefer to impact the lives of living imprisoned Florida citizens. Crist's final meeting with the committee before his term as governor expires is on December 9. As the Times notes, this would have been the day after Morrison's 67th birthday.


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