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Charlie Pickett & The Eggs Buy Heroin From Overtown


As long as we're talkin about Charlie Pickett getting his due, here's one of the reasons why, this video for the song "Overtown" written by Dave Froshneider and performed by "Charlie Pickett and The Eggs" is some real pioneer shit. Now, I'll admit it, I hadn't ever heard of this dude before a couple months ago. But it's real Miami shit, and these punks were fuckin with video since before MTV was runnin' down the crack of its corporate mother's ass and ending up as a brown stain on the mattress. Plus it's a catchy song about scoring dope in the ghetto. 

Well, there's nothin positive or cool about heroin, but it's a damn good song and a damn good video. Enjoy. Click here for Charlie Pickett's Myspace. Here's the description blurb from Karsting, who posted the video...

Video by Chuck Azar, Instant Replay, New Hope, PA for Overtown

off Charlie's 1984 EP Cowboy Junkie Au-Go-Go. Shot shortly after the

Overtown riots, the video features Charlie Pickett, Dave Froshnider,

Johnny Salton and John Galway. For more info, go to

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