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Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah in the Worst Bob Marley Cover of All Time (Video)

Back in 2006, the Miami Heat's crowd won the team the championship. The Heat were down two games to zero against the Dallas Mavericks, when the series came to Miami.

The Mavericks were up by thirteen in the fourth quarter when Dwyane Wade went bananas and gave the Heat the lead, but Dallas' sharpshooting forward Dirk Nowitzki had a chance to tie the game with two free throws when the crowd stepped in. "Da-vid Hassel-hoff." They chanted. "Da-vid Hassel-hoff!" Nowitzki made the fatal mistake of admitting in an interview that his free throw shooting ritual consisted of singing a David Hasselhoff song, and the Miami crowd teased him enough that he missed and the Heat won.

The next two games in Miami, every time Nowitzki stepped to the line he had to hear about his questionable musical taste. "Da-vid Hassel-hoff! Da-vid Hassel-hoff!" Nowitzki seemed like a nice enough guy and an honorable enough opponent, so I almost felt bad that a chant rattled him so much.

The Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah is another kind of cat.

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He is dirty and cheap and obnoxious. When he isn't throwing elbows or whining to a ref he's trash talking in the Miami Heat's faces. And this Wednesday, when the Chicago Bulls visit the Miami Heat for game five of their playoff series, he deserves the crowd's derision beyond the middle finger from a Palm Beach cougar. And this video below has all the ammunition we need.

Yes, that is Joakim Noah guest starring in the worst Bob Marley cover ever made, of "Redemption Song," performed by Joakim's father Yannick Noah. "Redemption Song" was once a tune for the pantheon, but this rendition makes it sound like a jingle for a Publix commercial. Ideally, they would play the video at the Heat-Bulls game, if not, the crowd could chant it every time Noah steps to the free throw line.

"Re-demp-tion Song."

While the Heat won't need the crowd's help in closing out the Bulls, Noah deserves a little salt in his wounds. He's the jerk who shoved Chris Andersen while he was already on the ground and clapped obnoxiously in the ears of Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers.

Sing it South Florida. "Re-demp-tion Song! Re-demp-tion Song!"

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