Chill with the Boss on 4/20

Rick Ross knows how to throw a party, so stay tuned. This is some exclusive Prunk TV footage from a recent bash that he threw to promote his new website at Club BED.

The official release date for his upcoming album, Deeper Than Rap (featuring Kanye West and Lil Wayne) will be Monday, April 21st. But the launch party is at Mansion on 4/20. Shit, some dude videotaped us discussing 420 at the BED party mentioned above. Check out the flashing lights around 1:27.

The Boss currently has some beef with 50 Cent, he used to be a prison guard, and everybody talks shit about him. Think he gives a fuck? I bet Deeper Than Rap goes to number one like his previous two albums: Trilla and Port of Miami. Special thanks to DJ Khaled for giving us a quick shout out at the party mentioned above.


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