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Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been well-known to the screaming underaged masses for a minute now, but he broke out to a wider audience at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. There, he perfectly parroted "The Gloved One" 's Moonwalk dance, prompting Justin Timberlake to tell the world he felt old. This indicated that the torch has been passed, and Brown is a more-than-able standard-bearer for teen pop sensation of the moment, a distinction with a long and glorious history (Elvis, the Beatles, etc.) The first singles off the album, "Wall to Wall" and especially "Kiss Kiss," are fire, and the requisite power ballad, "With You" — underscored with a deliciously unexpected acoustic guitar riff — is sure to inspire heavy petting after junior high dances across the country. Sure, the overproduced tracks disingenuously alternate between glorifying the merits of playing the field and extolling commitment at the same time, but what were you expecting? Next you're going to complain about the deluge of guest appearances, ranging from Lil Wayne (obligatory) to (vomitaceous) to Kanye West (ill-conceived) to T-Pain. But Brown is good-looking, has good moves, and even cowrote many of the tunes. Signed, sealed, delivered, he's yours.

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Ben Westhoff
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