Chris Brown Brownout App Deletes the Singer From Your Internet! Five Other Musicians You're Welcome to Banish

The hits just keep coming for R&B singer Chris Brown! He recently revealed the awful tattoo everyone claims is Rihanna's beaten face. Folks in London are labeling his albums with domestic-abuse warnings. And now he's being sent away from the magical land of the internet.

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The Toronto-based music blog, Aux, who

brought us "Nickleblock," which blocked Nickelback from computers worldwide, created an app that deletes any reference

to Breezy on the interwebs. The somewhat questionably named

"Brownout" will keep your time web-surfing free and clear of any

reference to the singer. You better believe we'll be buying that app!

Thing is, Chris Brown isn't the only musical personality who deserves this treatment. We can think of a slew of artists who also need to be hidden in some dark corner of the internet. Check out our list of musicians to banish after the jump.

5. Lana Del Rey
Can someone please just stuff Lana Del Rey in some internet black hole where we never have to hear from her again? So she's dating Axl Rose. Or is it Marilyn Manson now? Guess what? We don't care. We'll subject our ears to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" on repeat to avoid listening to Lana Del Rey's voice once.

4. Marilyn Manson
For some God-awful reason, Marilyn Manson is still gaining attention from the media. A few weeks ago, he walked through LAX airport with the words "Fuck You" scribbled across his face in some weird attempt to deter paparazzi. We're not buying it. Throw him in a time machine back to the '90s, when people actually cared what he was doing.

3. Rihanna
Is that her face on Chris Brown's neck? Is she still in love with him? Enough already. Look, we think Rihanna is talented. We don't mind breaking out her jams from time to time. But that's all we care about. Remember when we didn't have to hear about Chris Brown every time Rihanna's name came up? Get her off our internet plz.

2. Miley Cyrus
Her hair is blond. Now it's short and puffy. She's smoking out of a bong. Uh-oh, now Miley is showing off some serious side boob. Who gives a crap? Does she even make music at all anymore? We'd rather listen to a Skrillex remix of Deadmau5 ranting about EDM than hear about Miley Cyrus any day of the week.

1. One Direction
Why is the whole boy-band trend making a comeback? First it was the Wanted; now it's One Direction. Can we just send them off to an island with NKOTB, BSB, and the remaining members of 'NSync? (Excluding Justin Timberlake, of course.)

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