Chris Brown Wears Incredibly Racist Halloween Costume, Tweets Hateful Group Picture (PICS)

Look we love half nekkid gals and candy as much as the next hairy-palmed, heavy-breathing content gimp. 

But, at the end of the day, there's no denying that Halloween belongs -- ultimately and truly -- to one key demographic: Kids. 
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Every year, in between the x-rated costume contests and underground orgies, the adults in this country somehow forget that this whole fucking holiday is primarily for ages, like, 5 to 12.  

Luckily, the biggest man-baby of 'em all -- the illustrious, woman-beating, tantrum-throwing, Chris Brown -- is taking Halloween back for his people (the children). And his methods are nothing short of incredibly racist.

Check the jump for pictures of Chris Brown's mindblowingly offensive costume. 

"I'm a Taliban, bro!"

This is a group shot featuring Brown (middle) and his incredibly tasteless posse, Tweeted with the caption, "Ain't nobody fucking with my clique."

Maybe next year, Chris and co. could dress up like their battered spouses.

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