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Christopher Titus - Fort Lauderdale Improv - September 27

Christopher Titus has a lot to say. Always has, and always will. The man has had an extremely difficult and interesting life, which he has no problem documenting, discussing, and breaking down into some of the most hilarious, dark, and oddly heartwarming comedy.

Titus has done it all, from his extremely popular eponymous show on FOX that ran for three seasons in the early 2000s, four one-hour comedy central specials, three albums, and in 2011, he started up the Titus podcast. Every one of his sets is concise, the stories ebb and flow perfectly into one main theme, be it love, family, or just the absurdity humanity has come to embrace and accept as normal. Titus has a unique energy that has become synonymous with his name, and on Thursday night at the Fort Lauderdale Improv, he displayed why he truly is one of the best comedians currently in the business.

The evening opened up with comedian Rachel Bradley, his co-host on the Titus podcast. Most of her set was devoted to an extremely dark, twisted real life experiences as a teen in the South, climaxing with an extremely unfortunate encounter with dangerous drunk rednecks in a remote, desolate part of Texas. At times pretty vulgar -- though there's nothing wrong with that -- her set was peppered with extremely witty one liners, and quick little references, that at times, shamefully went over most of the audience's heads. After wrapping up her redneck chronicles, she brought Titus to the stage. Everyone was about to experience something magical.

He was armed with brand spanking new material. Newer even than what he's airing in his upcoming Comedy Central special on October 4. And it's nearly unbelievable, especially with his machine gun style delivery, and the one-man show feel. He can crank out 90-minutes of material that has everyone in the room hanging onto to each word.

As soon as he walked on stage, he raised his arms in the air and exclaimed "Florida's weather must be what it feels like to live in the sultry steam of Satan's taint," to loud applause. And then he just kicked right into it. He covered everything from gun control, extinction (and which types of people should be the first to go), to health in America. One of the highlights of his set was a bit about arming our children to keep schools safe, leading the audience in an "ARM THE CHILDREN" chant, then pointing out the dangers of herd mentality.

Other than topical bits, he went into the usual Titus fanfare, such as breaking down the amount of time you're actually happy, the importance and fragility of love, and of course, a few stories about his father.

Christopher Titus is one of the funniest, hard-working people in the business. He's bounced back from horrible trials and tribulations with which most wouldn't even be able to deal. But he takes shit and makes it delicious. Christopher Titus will be at the Ft.Lauderdale Improv all weekend, from September 27 to 29, and you'd seriously be doing your self a disservice if you missed out.

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