Chromeo's "When the Night Falls" Remix Can Accompany Everything

Synth-heavy electro outfit Chromeo has recently unveiled that they will be releasing an EP of remixes. The first offering, available on their official Soundcloud page, was done up by mash-master, Breakbot. While the song immediately calls images of neon-lit nightclub scenes for the nostalgic, we found that the song can be subbed into almost any video, and make it that much better. A video-enhancer, if you will.

See our suggestions, and try them out for yourself, below.

Our first pairing features the intense cab sequence from the opening scene of Bill Cosby's Ghost Dad. With the '80s vibe of the song, it obviously meshes well with classic '80s hi-jinx.

YouTube Doubler

Musicians aren't the only ones who pay homage to the '80s. In 2002, RockStar games released the fourth volume of the beloved Grand Theft Auto video game series. Subtitled "Vice City," it takes place in Miami during a time when cocaine and dance clubs were all the rage. We know for a fact that the overwhelming majority of people who played this game went on a murderous rampage in the game's nightclub at least once. The music that played inside was lackluster at best, so we went ahead and churched it up for you. The best is that the video ends with our protagonist going down under a hail of gunfire while a turquoise-colored "Wasted!" appears on screen, which is how you should be at the end of the Chromeo show at the Fillmore Miami in September.

YouTube Doubler

Let's face it, there's never a shortage of cruel prank videos on the internet. What's more is that they are almost always funny. We've been taught not to laugh at things like this, but we do anyways and we love it. A classic in the depraved comedy genre, this video of a chubby kid being shot with a paintball gun and the following screaming freakout is hard to forget. We mashed it with this song and were not surprised at how much funnier it became, especially when he shows off his fancy footwork at the end.
YouTube Doubler

If anybody knew how to party, it was our hero from the internet's hall of legends. Yes, we are of course referring to the famed Star Wars Kid. One of the net's earliest memes, his video has been one of the most viewed and parodied ever, which is pretty incredible considering that YouTube did not exist at the time of its origin. The original, unedited version does not feature a soundtrack, so we took the liberty of adding one.
YouTube Doubler

Our final selection features a visceral chase scene from the '90s surf-action smash hit Point Break. The film's original score does little to capture the raw feeling during the scene where Bodhi, played by Patrick Swayze, converts a gas pump into a flamethrower and proceeds to get into a vicious melee with Johnny Utah played by Keanu Reeves, all the while wearing a mask with the likeness of Ronald Reagan.
YouTube Doubler

Chromeo will be playing live at the Fillmore Miami on September 20. The EP will be released July 26th on Big Beat/Atlantic records.

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