Chronic Cover Songs for 420: Spred the Dub Does Up Sublime's "Legal Dub"

Editor's note: If you grew up in South Florida, you've lived a delightfully half-baked existence. You've definitely smoked the stickiest crippy and the worst Jamaican schwag. County Grind got all  stoned and thought, why not ask these toasty South Florida musicians to give us a taste of their favorite pot-inspired songs in preparation for 420? This Chronic Cover series introduces you to both songs about weed and local talents. For the full list, click here

Would it be possible to ask a group of musicians to cover songs about drugs and not end up with something by Sublime? No, sir, it wouldn't. So right here, Palm Beach onetime 12-piece crew Spred the Dub delivers its interpretation of a song with a name, "Legal Dub," relevant to its own title.

These creators of "good-time reggae" dubbed the shit out of this dubbed-out version of Peter Tosh's pot classic "Legalize It." It plays like a sunny day at the beach. Imagine the delicious feeling of a solid roasting on the sand with a spliff in one paw and Visine in the other. 

Catch Spred the Dub at its weekly Monday-night gig at Reef Road Rum Bar at 223 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, and at an upcoming show at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami, on May 9 with the Aggrolites & Old Man Markley. The band is planning on releasing an EP this year, so get stocked up on some good-ass crippy and wait till the dub reveals itself to you. 

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