Circle, a New Alternative Night Run by Fetish Factory, Premieres in Fort Lauderdale

Black Fridays may be gone and Roxanne's is a thing of the past, but the Fetish Factory hopes to keep dark alternative culture in Fort Lauderdale thriving with its newest night, Circle. Tonight is Circle's kick-off party and although it's brought to you by the folks over at the den of latex (Fetish Factory) Circle is not a fetish-themed dress code shindig per se.

Circle is attempt to bring cohesion to Fort Lauderdale's alt scene generally. Tonight's the free premier from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and features DJ KAOS -- currently behind the decks at former Fort Lauderdale and current Miami darkwave night Black Fridays. Additionally, local favorites such as Val Vampyre and Matt Havoc will also be handling the ones and twos.

Next week, look for DJ Alex Dalliance (current host of Dominion). Although tonight's a free event, in order to keep the evening up and running and pay off entertainment, Fetish Factory tells us that in the future, they will be charging a small fee of $5 pre-sale tickets available at the Fetish Factory showroom or $10 at the door.

They are hosting these series of events at Club BAM, which is the old Torpedo Nightclub on Broward Blvd. We caught up with Danny, Fetish Factory's general manager and Circle event organizer, to get the full scoop on the new night.

"For a while now, Broward and Palm Beach's alternative's scenes have been forgotten except for a few monthly alternative events here and there including the FF parties... A true home is missing and we want to be that home." This night is less about latex and more about the culture and a celebration of like-minded folks listening to darker synthy music together.

"Come as you are, come dressed in your true colors, come tired after work if you want a break; you deserve a break. You work hard. Wednesday is a long way from Friday. Wednesday is your new get away land. Get a drink and dance your troubles away. Wear black, wear all the black you have, throw on some eyeliner, spike up your hair. Fuck it, put on your tall boots and put on all your bracelets," he suggests. "Maybe, just maybe you'll call your friends. They deserve a break too. Meet up looking awesome. Throw 'Broken' by Nine Inch Nails on your iPhone and scream the lyrics riding fast and hard to Circle at BAM. Where the rest of your friends will be, for cheap drinks, free parking, and a club where you can be you. A club by the community, for the community." Right on. Sounds like a plan.

Circle premiers tonight at 9 p.m. at Club Bam, 2829 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Free event tonight; parking is free. Visit

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