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CityChurch's Musical Christmas Eve in the City Welcomes Saints, Sinners and Skeptics to Fat Village

Christmas Eve In The City from CityChurch South Florida on Vimeo.

Attention Catholics, atheists, skeptics, saints, festivus celebrators -- well, you get the picture. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is welcome at Fat Village tonight. It's Christmas Eve in the City, an event put on by CityChurch South Florida celebrating the JC's big day with music.

"This is definitely a religious thing, but everyone-religious or not is welcome to attend," says Sara Shake from Exposed PR, who is working on the event. But it's not your typical day at church. Local musicians Josh Diaz from KIDS, Corey Bost, and Dan Diaz from Civilian will be present, performing plenty of songs to get everyone in the mood to holiday. So, you indie-rock loving heathens, you have somewhere to go on X-mas that you can tell your grandma about the next day. You're welcome.

"It's a nostalgic, old-fashioned lesson and carols service," Shake describes the tone of the evening. "It's the lessons and carols that give you a complete picture of Christmas."

Christmas Eve In The City - Trailer #2 from CityChurch South Florida on Vimeo.

When asked to elaborate on the "sinners and skeptics welcome" theme of the event, Rev. Brad Schmidt of CityChurch explained: "Our calling as a church is to present classic, historic Christianity in intelligible ways so people can come to conclusions on their own terms. This [service] is for the religious and irreligious alike." As for the sinners, he asked, "So, as we say, the question is not 'are you good enough for Jesus', but 'are you bad enough?' (People) can come to Jesus just as they are -- in all their chaos, in all their fragmentation, and in all their brokenness. This service will be filled with people from the city just like that. That's what we mean by 'sinners welcome'. It's for anybody."

This is the second year they host this event, but the first time it's in FAT Village. Rev. Schmidt explains why they're moving it to a warehouse. "We like to take empty things and bring them to life. We see this empty warehouse as a blank canvas to use our imagination in order to create a space that is both urban (it is, after all, a warehouse in downtown) and nostalgic (it is, after all, Christmas)."

So, either get right with God or not, that isn't our deal. But if you love that Christmas music (and you know we do), you can catch local favorites playing it tonight in Fort Laudy's arts district and you'll likely get the nerve up to singalong.

Christmas Eve in the City at Fat Village Arts District, 5:30 p.m., 17 NW 5 St., Fort Lauderdale. Visit Facebook or CityChurch's website for more information.

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