Club Sandwich Hosts Night of Independent Rock Stylings on Saturday

Club Sandwich Hosts Night of Independent Rock Stylings on Saturday

The fabled Club Sandwich (no website, no official address, no problem) is probably a small, live music hole somewhere in Lake Worth. Definitely harder to find than Fort Lauderdale's DIY 1921 venue, it might be where the Skunk Ape takes some rest, or it could just be in a small warehouse building somewhere west of I-95. As we can see, the Skunk Ape is a burgeoning graphic artist, and fliers like the one on the right have circulated for a performance on Saturday.

With a bill featuring L-Dub's esteemed lo-fi burners Cop City/Chill Pillars, West Palm Beach acts Tumbleweave (who also plays drums in the Band in Heaven) and Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn, as well as Miami acts Last/Ruah and Teepee and three Tampa performers: Russian Tsarlag, CrAow, and Father Finger, this could be a very real experience, and probably the best way to get there is to contact the artists involved directly.

Although there is probably no real danger in seeking out information about the venue, a writer's recent inquiry resulted in a reply consisting of one of the most disturbing collection of images set to film in the name of "independent rock." Watch at your own peril.


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