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Coachella 2014's 21 Cutest Couples

Timothy Norris

By Mary Carreon

There are certainly plenty of single people wandering around the Coachella grounds; the volume of Craiglist "casual encounters" can attest to that.

But there are also ten tons of couples, the vast majority of whom are completely adorable. Here are the cutest we saw.

Mary Carreon
She has always got his back.

Ben Westhoff
Their combined shoe game is out of control.

Colin Young-Wolff
The couple that styles their hair together stays together.

Colin Young-Wolff
Is this the reason the word "adorbs" was invented?

Mary Carreon
All one needs in life is love, and a good pool noodle.

Timothy Norris
It must get boring to be cooler than everyone else on Earth combined.

Mary Carreon
A smoking hot couple, literally.

Colin Young-Wolff
This couple does not suffer from "Coachella lung."

Christopher Victorio
The Preachers
Australians can be so cute when they're making rock and roll together.

Colin Young-Wolff
We hear they plan to get married in these outfits.

Mary Carreon
They met when he asked for Hula Hoop lessons.

Colin Young-Wolff
Sometimes, to spicy things up, they switch headbands.

Mary Carreon
He likes to write her love notes and stick them in her fanny pack.

Ed Carrasco
PDA in the pool. So Coachella.

Colin Young-Wolff
We admire their fake fur styles.

Colin Young-Wolff
Lovebirds of the year!

Mary Carreon
Runners up!

Ed Carrasco
Their facial expressions do not convey their true affection for one another.

Colin Young-Wolff
These two are so "dope" we feel like packing up and going home.

Mary Carreon
Cutest couple of 2014: Sand storm edition.

Christopher Victorio
They recently got back together after a long break-up!

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