Coastars Coffee in Lake Worth Launches Alternative Talent Show

They're out there in the bushes, unrecognized but bursting with talent, according to Saxsa Stevens. And Saturday night, he and unindicted co-conspirator Tuesday Gilliam plan to lure local aspiring artistes onto the stage of Coastars Coffee in Lake Worth. It is there that they will sing, dance, prance, read, tell stories, crack jokes, recite, juggle, or use whatever else they usually hide under their bushel that can entertain and even enlighten the public. There's even a contest for prize money determined by an audience vote.

Oklahoman by birth, now a New York City ex-pat ("It's where I raised myself," he told us), Stevens is a musician and veteran of the theater (actor, dancer, stagehand with Local One), as well as a practicing "spiritual intuitive" (welcome to Lake Worth). He says his life has "always been about trying to integrate different forms of art" and "involved a lot of hosting and emceeing."

Saturday's event, Under the Radar, is projected as the first in a series taking place the third Saturday of every month. It was inspired by examples including The Moth and Def Comedy Jam, but is envisioned as more far-reaching, with performances "restricted only by the physical space," Stevens notes.

If the series takes off, plans include an additional extravaganza every few months featuring the winners of several months' shows, on the big(ger) stage of the Lake Worth Playhouse.

"Someone could come in and read from their screenplay," Stevens told us. "Or they could do something that's just pure movement. A lot of it will be impromptu. People are yearning for a chance to let other people see what they do."

There's no audition process for this first show, Stevens said. "We're just going to trust in the kind of personality that will be drawn to us."

On the Coastars Facebook page, proprietor Chris Palacio wrote:

It's gonna be fun!, if there's time, I've been working on a one-man interpretive hip hop dance version of MacBeth

Break a leg, Chris.

Under the Radar. 7 to 10 p.m., Saturday, October 19, Coastars Coffee Bar, 12 South "J" Street, Lake Worth. Call 561-533-0353, or visit coastarscoffee.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.