Coat Man Outraged by New Times Mickey Clean Cover Story

Apparently the Fort Lauderdale beach scene isn't big enough for two local curiosities. After learning of our widely read cover story about aging punk legend with a flair for caricature art Mickey Clean, the self-proclaimed "nationally known marathon runner" Dennis "Coat Man" Marsella placed several phone calls to the New Times office with complaints.

Below, we have a five-minute phone message Marsella left for us that outlines the many reasons he deserves as much attention as a confirmed pillar of the nascent years of punk (and an appearance on TV Party).

"I'm the dominant personality in that area," Marsella argues. "I have cars following me, I

have girls following me... I look the same as [Mickey Clean] does as a teenager... I'm an active trick marathon runner who has made national news time and time again... You've got a beautiful story, and you're fighting it."

None of which we can fully dispute -- except perhaps the teenager part. Can we say that this blog posting is an attempt to stop fighting the story and give in?

Coat Man Calls New Times by countygrind

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