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CocoRosie Raps and Beatboxes in a Daytrotter Session; Playing Revolution September 24

CocoRosie never ceases to amaze us. Sisters Bianca ("Coco") and Sierra ("Rosie") are two of the most recognizable mustached ladies -- barring only the bearded lady at the circus. But why go to the circus when you can actually see the performance art meets full-on stage spectacle that is CocoRosie up-close?

Daytrotter knew there was a lot more behind CocoRosie's blend of "freak folk" than meets the eye. The group's music is often misunderstood, misinterpreted, or just plain missed by the mainstream, so they set out to bring the ladies to the limelight last week.

The Daytrotter session

they recorded live in the studio -- an introduction and a five-song set

-- are the perfect prelude for any CocoRosie newbie. From the wavy and

synthy voices on the introduction to the spontaneous addition of

beatboxing and rapping in "The Moon Asked the Cow," the Casady sisters seem to have mastered the art

of an impromptu performance.

They change up a few of the songs from their recorded versions, but we don't mind it so much because Sierra's operatic harmonies are intact and intertwined

with Bianca's trademark vocals as usual, and the juxtaposing sounds meld perfectly for a finished product that's both unique and at times comical -- and we can't help but smile. This session makes for an interesting

introduction to any freak-folk genre enthusiast. You can listen in on

the session here.

They'll play Revolution on September 24 at 8 p.m. From what we hear from

the Cassady sisters, there will be plenty of costume changes,

mustaches, and androgyny to be seen, with a dash of "Florida flavor."

Tickets cost $17. Click here.  

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