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Collective Soul - Revolution - May 11

Collective Soul
Revolution, Fort Lauderdale
Friday, May 11

Better Than:
Listening to Dosage from start to finish at home.

Over the last few months the 90s have been brought back to life in Fort Lauderdale. Such bands as Soul Asylum, Candlebox, and Filter have gone back on the road sending us on a bit of a time traveling adventure. On Friday night, Collective Soul joined the nostalgic ranks as they kicked off its Dosage tour at Revolution. (View slideshow here.)

To be quite honest, in the 90s I was listening to bands like NIN, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Smiths. So, you can understand that a band like Collective Soul wasn't in rotation on my stereo. However, I tried to keep an open mind and let my preconceived notions fall to the wayside on Friday night.

At around 7:30p.m., a long line was formed outside of Revolution. Folks were gathered around the large tour bus parked on the street. At some point -- unbeknownst to me -- singer Ed Roland was standing next to me while I was in conversation with someone.

Doors were at 7, and the band was meant to take stage at 8. The anxious

tension in the room grew. At around 8:20, the band decides to come

onstage -- but not to play. Ed Roland greeted the crowd, introduced the

musicians, and let us know how the show was going to pan out. It'd be an

evening of playing the entire Dosage album, followed by a few other

songs and hits. Another 15 minutes went by before the band finally took

the stage to perform. Making a crowd wait for over an hour after the

door time is absolutely ridiculous and pompous. There was no opening

act. That excessive amount of waiting time is uncalled for and disrespectful to the fans. 

Although I'm not too familiar with the discography of Collective Soul --

aside from the obvious radio hits -- I did know the opening song.

Despite the embarrassing reason, it put a smile on my face as I slightly

sang along thinking of Edward Cullen.

"He looks like Andy Dick." said the fellow next to me.

Roland wore a tight fitted blazer, and some over-sized black rimmed

glasses. In front of him stood a conductor's stand and two microphones.


still not quite sure what was on that conductor stand, but it had me

wondering if he forgot the lyrics to some of the songs. It has been over

a decade since the album release, so I wouldn't be surprised. I

witnessed Dave Pirner do the same thing at the Soul Asylum show. Nothing

wrong with that. However, the two microphone thing gave me a laugh.

Throughout the night he'd lean on one while singing down low into the

other. He was a man of very few words during the set. At times he'd applaud after songs and occasionally take a bow. Made me think this guy loves himself a bit too much.

Despite Roland's seemingly arrogant stage presence, the band treated the fans to a proper evening with Collective Soul. Going in, some may have been assumed the show would only consist of the album Dosage. But, the set list moved through the band's extensive eight album discography. They even played the popular radio hits that some bands tend to stray away from doing live nowadays. (ie: Counting Crows and "Mr. Jones") 

Earlier in the day, someone on the Revolution Facebook page left a comment that said "the band sucked in the 90s, they suck now. It won't sell out." Well, contrary to this person's belief, they couldn't have been more wrong about the attendance. I've been to plenty of shows at Revolution -- good and bad -- and the venue was packed to the gills with fans. And not just with people who liked the band once upon a time or knew a few songs. The crowd sang along lyric for lyric alongside Roland, cheered in between tracks, and danced with one another.  Even during the slower songs, the excitement never waned. A chatty fellow next to me expressed his enjoyment by yelling "Collective fucking Soul" multiple times.

This level of fan appreciation and attendance had me wondering: am I close minded in my music taste or do a lot of people like really bad radio rock? Perhaps I missed out on a key time in music during the 90s and should have given more of a listen to bands like Collective Soul. For a band to pack Revolution, that's got to say something about its music. Right?

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias:
"Tremble for my Beloved" is on the Twilight soundtrack.

The Crowd: late 30-50somethings, cranky teenagers with their parents, diehard Collective Soul fans

Random Detail:
10 different guys asked me where the bathroom is. I had a different answer each time. 

Random Detail #2: People like to makeout to Collective Soul.

OH: "Honey, look at all the brassieres!"

Set List
Tremble for my Beloved
No More No Less
Slow Run
She Said
Not the One

Welcome All Again
Better Now
Why, Pt. 2
Precious Declaration
The World I Know


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