Collie Buddz at Revolution 3/25

Bermuda's Collie Buddz's cultural authenticity still runs pretty high despite his position as a white guy doing reggae. Is it his worldly credentials or his vanilla-yogurt-smooth voice? Check out his recent Playback EP for yourself. It's far from Jamaican roots, but Collie never sounds like he's trying to be anything but himself. Coming to his defense is Rebelution drummer Wes Finley, whose SoCal white-boy reggae act comes in for its share of criticism as well.

"Collie Buddz is a great case, but I don't think having been from Bermuda grants him a free pass into purist minds," says Finley. "For the record, he was born in New Orleans and went to college in Canada, so Bermuda shouldn't be such a strong part of his identity. He's garnered success from having an original voice and singing style, which is the way it should be."

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