Come Get Funky With Obama

In case you didn't already know, Senator Barack Obama is here in South Florida today. He's got two separate speaking engagements, but the one I'm most excited for is his speech at 4p.m. at the BankAtlantic Center where the Spam All-Stars are actually opening up for him.

Yes, you read that right, the same funky septet that rocks Hoy Como Ayer every Thursday combining space-age salsa with electro grooves is opening up for Obama in a matter of hours.

Last night I spoke with DJ Le Spam about today's gig and he was elated at the opportunity to perform for the next President (fingers crossed). Everybody in the group was excited about it last night and that feeling of 'Yes We Can' seems to be prevalent today.

So, to keep the energy going, here are a few videos to get people amped up for Obama's visit to Florida today. Oh, by the way, the BankAtlantic gig is open to the public..get there early. Spam Allstars are on from 3:15pm-4:00pm, and then Senator Obama is on promptly right afterwards.

1) This video is a little sleazy and it's a wonder that Michelle Obama hasn't beaten this girl down yet, but it's still hilarious

2) There's not much that of the Black Eyed Peas does these days that I like. He's desperately slipping toward LL Cool J status as far as pop rappers go--but this video is refreshing. If Kareem Abdul Jabaar is supporting Obama, you should too.

And there's my all time favorite...Viva Obama. The music here is just solid

--Jonathan Cunningham

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Jonathan Cunningham