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Comedy Review: Comedians of Chelsea Lately at Fillmore Miami Beach, October 8
Comedians of Chelsea Lately: Loni Love, Brad Wollack, Josh Wolf & Sarah Colonna
Fillmore Miami Beach, Miami
Friday, October 8, 2010

We know that there are a few people who Chelsea Handler doesn't care for -- people who don't drink, people who clap when the plane lands, and other people's kids.

Like-minded comedians from Handler's E! television show, Chelsea Lately, carried out the type of humor fans can relate to at Miami Beach's Fillmore Theater on Friday night. The alkie foursome of the show's roundtable of comics -- Loni Love, Brad Wollack, Josh Wolf, and Sarah Colonna -- brought on more-than-borderline-amazing comedy with rips on ridiculous people we all know and hate, kids, and of course alcoholism.

Wollack, a pale, redheaded ex-local, kicked off the show by poking fun of getting blitzed and driving drunk. "What happens when I hit a kid at 2 a.m.?" he ponders. He takes it further by challenging the audience to think about why a child would be out in the road at such an ungodly hour in the first place. "A kid out that late is up to no good -- a menace. I did society a favor."

Sarah Colonna led the second bit after Brad's introduction of her as the show's "resident slut." She continues the theme of booze jokes with cracks on her alcoholic friend who can't seem to take responsibility for her overindulgence. "They put something in my drink!" Sarah mocks her friend. "Yah, fucking vodka. You had 14 of them -- what did you expect?"

Josh Wolf -- whom the crew labels "annoyingly good-looking" -- makes fun of fatherhood and his 16-year-old son's awkward adolescence. He shares a story of his son's seeking advice on how to please his girlfriend sexually. Josh is hesitant to share his pearls of wisdom with his son, stating, "I had to figure it out all by myself; you have to learn by trial and error like the rest of us. No one told me at 16 that the hole was so far back," Josh recalls of past memories trying to figure out female anatomy.

Loni Love ended the show with retorts on politics, stereotypes, and relationships. She makes fun of herself for being overweight and lets us know she's comfortable with her size. "I haven't been able to cross my legs since 1992," she says with a laugh.  She continues with another crack at herself, "I don't need weed; I need wings."

Chelsea Handler's comedians had the crowd -- populated by hundreds of couples on their first date -- in visceral hysterics. The quick-witted foursome seemed to have as much fun as the audience with their natural and engaging humor. The relaxed atmosphere was as if we all were slumped over a barstool sharing hilarious stories about our lives.

Overheard in the crowd: "I just had botox -- it hurts when I laugh."

Personal bias: Chicks who drink and make fun of themselves as much as Sarah and Loni, I can't get enough of -- I enjoy the female comics more than the guys.

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