Concert Announcements: Brandi Carlile at Culture Room and Dropkick Murphys at Revolution Live

via Flickr user Guy McCullough
​Hey look! It's a concert announcement that has nothing to do with jam bands, '80s hair metal, or sugary pop-punk acts! Don't worry, they'll be back next week. For today, let's focus on Brandi Carlile's announcement that she'll be coming to Culture Room on February 20. The folk-pop star released her third album, Give Up The Ghost, came out a couple months ago and shot up the Billboard charts. There's a reason: she's amazing. Her voice soars above sparce instrumentation. Oh and having Rick Rubin as your producer and Elton John as a collaborator doesn't hurt either. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster.

We're happy to announce a punk rock act that doesn't have pop or power in front of it. No, if Dropkick Murphys have to be pigeonholed, it would be as celtic-punk. This Boston (well Quincy technically, but it's close enough) based punk rock act has one of the most rabid followings in modern punk thanks to their non-stop touring, high energy shows, and love of the drinking song. Revolution Live will play host on March 6, close enough to St. Patty's Day to ensure a mini apocalypse will occur on the dancefloor. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10 a.m. through Ticketmaster.


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