Concert Announcements: Gaelic Storm and Henry Rollins

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by Kevin Gilbert via
​Remember the movie Titanic? You know, the one which countless millions of people flocked to the theaters over and over again to see people who never let go? Aside from catapulting a few actors into superstardom and making millions of soccer moms secretly resent their loveless lives, Titanic also helped launch the career of a band. Gaelic Storm formed in 1996, playing gigs throughout pubs in Santa Monica and hoping for their big break. Just a year later, they were a band featured in the biggest movie ever, playing the steerage band, and suddenly they were touring the world. Nearly 13 years later, the Celtic rockers continue to tour over 1/3 of every year, release albums which always hit on the Billboard world charts, and nourish a fanbase that ensures they won't need another Kate Winslet film to survive. On January 13, Gaelic Storm will play Culture Room. Tickets go on sale Friday through Ticketmaster.

In other, less musical news, Henry Rollins has announced a tour next year which will be making a stop on March 3 at Revolution Live. He won't be bringing along Black Flag, or even the Rollins Band though. This time, Henry will be using his born-to-rock pipes to lay out some smooth spoken word for the lucky denizens of South Florida. Don't think this is some poetry reading though. Rollins is much more of a story teller who goes off on carefully constructed rants during his speaking tours than a musician without the music. Tickets for the show go on sale Friday through Ticketmaster.

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