Concert Preview--Ana Gabriel at Hard Rock Live

Ana Gabriel's tender and raspy voice was already captivating at the age of 6, when she was belting out interpretations of Mexican classics like José Alfredo Jiménez's "Regalo a Dios" (Gift to God) back in the early '60s. As one of the most respected female ranchera singers in history, the Mexican-born singer/songwriter/producer has enjoyed a versatile career by interpreting everything from traditional mariachi to romantic boleros and pop music. Regardless of the genre, Gabriel puts raw emotion into her songs, which has helped her win countless fans across Latin America. After mild commercial success with her first two albums, she released Quien Como Tu ("Who Likes You") and followed it up several months later with En Vivo ("Live"), a powerful recording that produced several hits, including "Hice Bien Quererte" ("I Did Right to Love You") and "Propuesta" ("Proposition").

A devout Catholic, Gabriel almost never takes the stage without first placing a red rose and white carnation onstage to signify her communication with God — and oh God, can this woman communicate. --Fernando Ruano Jr.

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