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Concert Preview: Chayanne at Hard Rock Live


Abuelitas, chongitas y mujeres muy ricas will all be in a state of seduction as soon as baby-faced Latin pop star Chayanne takes the stage Wednesday night at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood.

Teeny-boppers will squeal, middle-aged hotties will squeal some more – maybe even hurl a thong or two his way - and the elderly will sing along while in all likelihood the Puerto Rican heartthrob will muster up a few hip shakes and body twirls – to really get them in the mood.

He’ll play right into the audience’s hands – most of which will be made-up of women and guys that had no other choice – with a million-dollar smile and choreographed dance moves that would make Fred Astaire blush.

Chances are he’ll exhibit the same charm, sincerity and charismatic muscle that has made him quite the media darling – he’s on People’s 50 Most Beautiful in the World list – and mainstream boy wonder for close to two decades.

What Chayanne won’t bring is range, power and clarity when it comes to his vocal abilities – which fall increasingly short for a performer of his status.

Although at times he manages to interpret most ballads without a hitch including one of his most recent releases “Si Nos Quedara Poco Tiempo” from Mi Tiempo he lacks the ability to take his soprano-like cords beyond the sultry and melody-driven slow stuff.

There’s nothing wrong with selling your goods – if you have some – and granted Chayanne has plenty from his boyish looks to a sparkling clean image that has always endeared him to the masses over the years.

Already a mega star of unforeseen proportions, he has received multiple Grammy nominations and scored two dozen Top 10 hits, its hard to argue with the success of a man who has recorded 15 albums in withstanding the test of time.

He’s a true mainstay in a genre that’s proven to be a difficult sell through the years – even heavyweights Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias haven’t always enjoyed the view from the top in recent times.

But given that he won’t be able to outrun nature, its about time Chayanne started bringing a little more to the table besides a couple arousing ass wiggles and perfectly-timed struts. -- Fernando Ruano

Chayanne performs Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Hard Rock Live at the Hard Rock & Casino

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