Concert Preview: Marco Antonio Solis at AA Arena


Wherever his musical endeavors take him from this point forward, Marco Antonio Solis will forever be credited for greatly influencing norteno and tejano music all over Mexico and southwestern parts of the United States.

Just 12 years old when he started improvising on an array of instruments and developing a gift for songwriting, it wasn’t long before Solis' poetic tone, polished style and pure romanticism led to the founding of one of the most popular Mexican music groups ever.

Solis’ yearning-yet-clear voice along with an affinity for profound ballads with intimate and emotionally probing lyrics opened the door for the band Los Bukis as exponents of popular romantic music. The multi-tasking star slowly affirmed his status as composer/arranger/producer while again showcasing an effortless propensity for soothing inspirations and heartfelt lyrics with the commercially successful “Mi Fantasia” (My Fantasy) and “A Donde Vas” (Where Are You Going) in the mid-Eighties.

While never distancing himself from his musical roots, it is as a soloist that he has found international acclaim. Solis’ 2003 release “Tu Amor O Tu Desprecio” (Your Love or Your Contempt) won a Best Song of the Year Grammy the following year.

Yet true notoriety did not come until the start of the decade when, alongside the Puerto Rican Symphonic Orquestra, Solis produced a live recording that included a slew of hits including “Quiereme” (Love Me) and “El Peor De Mis Fracasos” (The Worst Of My Failures). The more recent “Trozos De Mi Alma” (Pieces Of My Heart) and “Razon De Sobra” (Excess Reasons) are also harmonizing productions with eloquent arrangements that have sold briskly and received plenty of play all over the world. -- Fernando Ruano Jr.

Marco Antonio Solis performs at 8 p.m. Friday, August 24 at American Airlines Arena.

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