Concert Review: Incubus at Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park
Sunday, August 16, 2009

Better than:
A great number of shows I've seen this year.

The Review:
Change is fascinating, whether we're talking reinvention or a revamped, retooled performance. This is true particularly in music. So I was curious to see how Incubus has rewired its show from the band's last visit to SoFla in 2007 with The Bravery. Only problem, I realized once I set about the task, was that, whether because of time passed or inebriation, many of the details about that show in West Palm two years ago are now rather hazy. Oh well, no matter. There's an easy fix for that, said the man with six Miller Lights in the tank. Where the hell was my wife with the voice of reason?

Generally speaking, a new record means new material for the tour. With Moments and Melodies, that's not the case. After all, it's a collection of hits and B-sides with two new tracks.  Again, no matter. Incubus simply doesn't disappoint live. In fact, that seemed to be the general consensus on the show as whole from the intoxicated masses (yours truly included). And why not? It was a brilliant performance. Incubus kicked ass. They let us know they weren't screwing around from the get go, opening strong with "Pardon Me," and following with "Nice To Know You." And they didn't relent, barreling through a set chock full of hits as the sweaty, undulating sea of fans sang along in the balmy Miami night. "Anna Molly," "Stellar," "Megalomaniac," "Circles," "Love Hurts," and "Drive" all made appearances, to the delight of the crowd.

I could try to dissect it and classify differences and distinctions, but the fact is, seeing Incubus live is an emotional experience, and any logic on it flies out the window. Plus, I already told you I was drunk last time. And this time. So, the guys will have to forgive me for using their song's title, but Incubus' live show is, in a word, stellar. Plain and simple.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias:
I'm still drunk at the time of this writing.

Random Detail: Arepas and sis-ka-bob are f'n expensive!

By The Way: Does anyone know where I left my car?

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Christopher Lopez