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Concert Review: Rachel Goodrich at Sweat Records, February 20 (Video Contest Finalists Inside)

Rachel Goodrich
Sweat Records, Miami 
Saturday, February 20, 2010 

Better Than: Listening to old Raffi CDs as an adult. 

The Review:  

More than 100 fans crammed into Sweat Records Saturday night for a performance by Miami's own "shake-a-billy" star, Rachel Goodrich. The event was part video contest award ceremony, part in-store dance party, with a crowd made up of half aspiring filmmakers, half locals who just appreciate good music. 

Back in January, Sweat Records announced a nationwide contest to create a video for Goodrich's song "Lightbulb", with a grand prize of $500. The ukulele-based, whistle-dominated single was recently used in both a Crayola commercial and an episode of Weeds. With her profile thus growing, the contest drew more than 40 entries total; the top three screened at Sweat on Saturday.

With everyone packed in, Sweat's red-haired commander in chief, Lolo Reskin, popped in a DVD of the finalists. The first video, directed by Fro Rojas, featured a guy in a bear suit running around and dancing with small children. Number two, posted by polyethyleneguy on YouTube, told the woeful tale of a piñata horse evading his fate.  

Due to technical difficulties with the last video, Goodrich decided to play her set before the final showing. With her Fender Stratocaster, Deluxe Reverb amplifier, and kazoo on a harmonica neck holder, Goodrich entertained fans with old favorites like "Excuses, Excuses" and "Dope Song." She performed the new, slightly darker tune "Walk Away" and offered "Little Brass Bear" as an encore, after somebody's request.

When the third video was finally shown, audience members got a totally different perspective on Goodrich's happy-go-lucky vibes. Directed by Borscht Film Festival guru Lucas Leyva, the work can only be described as the visual antithesis to Goodrich's sound, full of PG-13 acts and 305-til-I-die attitude. 

Afterward, Lolo wormed her way through the throngs to meet Goodrich at the stage. Together, they announced that they would award all three with prize money, since they couldn't pick a favorite. It seemed like a happy ending for all.
Critic's Notebook 

Personal Bias: Good music and good company can only get better with a vegan latte or cupcake from Sweat. 

Random Detail: Rachel Goodrich rocks suspenders like no other chick in Miami and gave a shout-out to the fish tank in the middle of her set. 

By The Way: Sweat keeps getting more and more vinyl in! Get it while it's hot. 

-- Hilary Blake Saunders

Finalist one, Fro Rojas

Finalist two, polytehyleneguy on YouTube

Finalist three, Lucas Leyva

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