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Concert Review: The Heavy Pets Album Release Party at Culture Room

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Photo by Skip Tapp
The Heavy Pets peform at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday
The Heavy Pets Record Release Party
Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Heavy Pets returned to South Florida on Saturday night for the launch of their new self-titled album. Greeted by an enthused Culture Room crowd anticipating what was to be the most professional presentation of their material yet, both recorded and live. The Pets, a five-piece consisting of Jeff Lloyd and Mike Garulli on guitars, Jim Wuest on keyboards, Justin Carney on bass, and Jaime Newitt on drums with each sharing vocal responsibilities, took the stage at 10 sharp, following a private media party.

They opened with crowd pleaser "Do It Right," and the band absolutely did just that! Obviously excited and in-tune with the theme, they then continued on with five songs fresh off the new album, showcasing rich vocal harmonies and the tight rhythm section of Newitt and Carney.

The highlight of the first set for me was their first single, "Drenched," with dualing guitars, intertwining between rhythm and lead. Next they delved into "No More Time" and its funky reggae groove. The guitar interplay in a near 30-minute "So Thank You Music" was some of the best I have witnessed and the rhythm section continued to propel the band into some of the most solid jamming they have yet exhibited.

Garulli displayed his vocal dexterity with "Lazy Anna," a hip-hop tinged tune with an Everlast-like vibe. The story and rhymes are engaging and complimented by an R&B-ish choral hook. Wuest forged the way on his organ for "Spin 'Round," one of his originals featured on The Heavy Pets.

Unfortunately, something came up and I had to split abruptly. Believe me; it was tough to leave the Culture Room while it was totally rockin' in support of their hometown heroes on the biggest night of their career. So far, that is.

Personal Bias: I can't wait to pick-up the vinyl version of The Heavy Pets.   

By The Way: 
Set 1: "Do it Right," "Osyrus," "How Would I," "Grace Blix," "Drenched," "No More Time," "So Thank You Music," "Lazy Anna," "Turn 'Round," "Ichibod's Train," "Jackie Bones"   

Set 2: "Hedi Sigsmondi," "Girl You Make Me Stupid," "Tortugas," "Xylophone," "Dew Point," "3am," "Travel," "John Galt"   

E: "Lisa Put a Penny," "Holy Holy"

-- Mike Kligerman

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