Concert Review: Viva le Vox CD Release Show at Respectable Street, Saturday, June 19

Viva le Vox
With the Royal Tinfoil and Everymen
Respectable Street, West Palm Beach
Saturday, June 19, 2010

When a Viva le Vox show flyer mentions little more than a free CD and

cupcakes, it's hard to know what to expect. The band went all out

for their CD Release Party at Respectable St. Cafe, by creating an

intimately creepy carnival-like atmosphere filled with odds and ends to

keep everyone entertained. Upon entering attendees were greeted by

girls wearing faux mustaches (apparently the first 100 guests received

the furry stick-on upper lip atrocity), a tarot card reader, and a

kissing booth. The carnival-inspired theme was readily available in

large doses throughout the entire bar. You could barely take a step

without having streamers stuck to the bottom of your shoe. I was just

glad it wasn't toilet paper.

Due to unfortunate circumstances (poor planning and not adhering to

Paultergeist's threat of "You better not be late"), I was unable to

catch the opening act, Everymen. The members of Viva le Vox said the

Lake Worth band's performance was amazing so we will take their word

for it.


Next up was the Royal Tinfoil. As the South Carolina bluesy folk duo

heralded out songs about bottles of wine, razor blades, and speed, Viva

le Vox's Antoine Dukes tapped his heels and cane on the streamer-lined

wooden dance floor and Tony Bones eerily leaned against the bar while

smoking one of many cigarettes that were to be had that night. The

biggest crowd pleaser was "Stalker vs Stalker," sung so lovingly by the

Reverend Lamont Boles and Sabbath Lily Hawks that it wasn't even

disturbing to hear lyrics that included "I collect your toenails in a

jar because

I respect you." The set ended with a song about the history of the

band, which was read in a melodramatic tone from a book that might have

been the Yellow Pages. The song concluded with bouncing tambourine

beats that made everyone in the crowd twist, spin, and flail around

like elastic.


the "carnival" theme prevalent throughout the night, Viva le Vox's

Paultergeist and right-hand-man-of-the-band, Jarrett, judged a one song

dance contest. I'm not sure about the talents of any of the contestants

but, not surprisingly, the win went to the "woman in the white shirt

with the cleavage."

The floor below the stage quickly became

crowded as fans gathered round to welcome Viva le Vox's newest CD,

Wayward Ones, into the world. Some of us had bets on how long it would

take Jim Bob 'Scarecrow' Jenkins to lose his boudoir-style feathered

robe. It happened during the sound check. The band started off with the

seemingly appropriate "Wayward Ones," dedicating the song to the Royal

Tinfoil for making it all the way down to South Florida for the

occasion. The crowd was oohed and awed with new songs and old

favorites, such as "Desperation Alley" and "Shake Your Bones," where we

were commanded to obey. Throughout the set the band displayed their

usual antics of hawking phlegm and licking each others' sweat-soaked

heads. At the end of the show the band expressed their gratitude for

the high numbers in attendance and needless to say, this was not just a

celebration for a CD, but for a band that has grown from playing in

laundromats to packing a well-known and respected South Florida


-- Ashley Pearson

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