Concert Ticket Prices to Go Way Down in 2011

We've all been there: There are a dozen good concerts taking place in the same month, each with a hefty $50+ price tag, and you're not balling enough to pay for all of them. Unless you're a music writer that rarely gets to review shows for concert tickets, that turns out to be a pretty expensive hobby.

While we appreciate local venues kicking ass in 2010 and bringing loads of major and indie artists alike down south, our wallets are starting to grow holes in 'em, and we've run out of change under our couch cushions. But have no fear, South Florida show goers! That's all going to change in 2011. 

Some tickets for major artists said to perform in our fair state in the new year will sell for as little as $10 plus fees. No, you don't have to adjust your prescription or your computer screen. While these tickets will obviously be for less desired seats (and not first row), it's still a vast improvement. "Promoters now say they plan to make shows more affordable in 2011," says a recent article in Yahoo News. "But they'll also try to sell more T-shirts and other merchandise to make up for lost revenue." That sounds just fine to us.

This is all happening because people just gave up on shows, and concert attendance dropped 16% from July to September as per Live Nation, even after they slashed fees and pricing for tons of shows. But what will this all add up to for you? Less canceled shows, and less waiting around to see if that show you really wanna check out will go on sale at a cheaper price later.

Unfortunately this means nothing for tickets to typically sold-out shows like Lady Gaga, the Biebs, and Taylor Swift. So if you've jumped on some kind of a pop culture icon bandwagon, you'll still have to dish out the dough.

But what do you think? Will these promised price reductions get you going to more shows?

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Christine Borges
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