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Miami is hot and swampy — just like Consular's hybrid of doom, sludge, and metal. Composed of former members of Waiting Theory, Kiss the Sun Goodbye, and iamthedevil, Consular's sound draws heavily from the Neurosis/Melvins school of rock. Imagine extremely thick guitar riffs with tons of low end, cranked out in a tempo that's slower than a crippled snail crawling through mud. Drummer Angelo Santa Lucia plays with the force and ferocity of a heavyweight boxer — or a guy who's trying to bust holes in his drum heads. Appropriately, the screeching vocals are likely to puncture your eardrums.

Consular's debut seven-inch is limited to 500 copies, the first 100 of which are pressed on purple vinyl (a nice touch, though the cover is photocopied). The A-side features the downtempo crawler "Breathe in the Black Water," which plods along at an almost nonexistent speed with molasses-thick guitar and drums that hit harder as the song builds, culminating in a monstrous, ear-bashing finale. The B-side contains "Broodwich," a more chaotic foray, if you can imagine that. There's no fake metal here — simply crushing riffs and brutal vocals. Overall, Consular's debut is impressive. The band's currently touring the States and has a full-length (and more singles) planned for the next 12 months. The aural beatings will continue then. For now, check out

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D. Sirianni