Contribute to Protoman & Rob Riggs' New Mixtape, Hit Swarm 3-D Saturday

Protoman is waiting by the phone.

Always wanted to be part of one of those crackling phone-call moments in the heart of a hip-hop album? Local rapper Protoman

wants your voice on his new collaboration

with DJ Rob Riggs,

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. The mixtape is set to feature Protoman demos, b-sides, and freestyles -- and it could also feature those Hall & Oates karaoke stylings you've been practicing in the shower.

Pull some inspiration from seeing Protoman perform at Saturday's Swarm 3-D party at Fort Lauderdale's Swarm Warehouse, also featuring Radical Face/Electric President, Chicken & Whiskey, and Bleubird. Lots more information here. Cop the phone number after the jump.

The two are looking to feature phone drops from friends, fans, enemies, and crazy exes to include on the mix, so call the following number for

a chance to be heard on the mix.

954-918-0130 -- Your calls will be received anonymously, and no numbers will be shared for any reason.

For inspiration, we have Outkast's "Nathaniel" embedded. Operators are standing by!

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