Coral Springs Singer and PR Gal Margeaux Jordan Says She Was "Put on This Planet to Entertain"

Pop singer Margeaux Jordan is only 24, but the Coral Springs resident has already worked with L.A. Reid as part of girl group Velvet Angels, acted in a few TV and movie roles, and been a backup dancer for Pitbull and Thalia, among others.

Jordan's successes so far haven't only come from being onstage, behind the mic, or in front of the camera: she's a also a business woman on the rise. Last year, she created Geaux Getter, her own public relations and social media management company. Though working on this new entrepreneurial venture, she's still making music.

We interviewed the young singer about covering Sam Smith, life after working with major labels, and her new PR career.

New Times: You worked with L.A. Reid when you were only 16, and you're only 24, what's it like being so young in the music industry?

Margeaux Jordan: I love being able to bring fresh talent to the forefront. I've got a lot of energy, drive and creativity inside that I am so eager to share to the world. It's been an incredible journey.

By 16, I was signed to one of the world's most powerful record labels, Mercury/Island Def Jam Records, under L.A. Reid and David Massey. I performed for and worked alongside industry giants including Tricky and The Dream, Rodney Jerkins, J.R. Rotem, Lindy Robbins, Neyo, and so many more. I had to mature fast, continuing my education virtually, while living nearly 3,000 miles away from home in Los Angeles.

I have to say though, life after the "label" has been inspiring. I feel more ready than ever to showcase my love for pure, powerhouse entertainment to the world. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Public Relations and minor in Theatre. I perfected my sound... I discovered what elements of music make me tick, and developed a style of music that I know is going to bring a smile to people's faces, get their bones moving and their hearts happy.

I know I was put on this planet to entertain. Not just stand in one place and sing, but to perform, to put on a real show. A whole production! I want people to feel how they felt anticipating NSYNC & Britney Spears "Baby one More Time" performance at the MTV VMAs, or bring back those awesome Pepsi commercials in the early 2000s.

Fans are craving to be captivated visually and sonically and be left feeling refreshed and uplifted. I want to give people chills. Most important, I want to be a role model, especially for girls and young women. I've been through so much, and feel I can really help others to stay true to themselves, love themselves and believe that their dreams can be reality.

We need more positive influences in this world... Taylor Swift is a great example. She's a class act, and genuine person, and she really cares about her fans!

Can you tell us about Geaux Getter, why you started it and where it's going?

Geaux Getter is a public relations and social media management company I started about a year ago. While my passion is in entertainment, I love the world of business, video editing, and communications.

I founded Geaux Getter because I needed to have a consistent job where I had flexibility, so I could really pursue my dreams in entertainment. The entertainment industry is so unpredictable. From last minute casting calls, to crazy rehearsal and filming schedules and my late-night recording sessions, which mom and dad are never too fond of (laughs), I really needed that flexibility.

I was awarded the Florida Public Relations Association Award from my UF dean and professors, and had quite a bit of work experience in public relations. I love making real connections with people and developing a meaningful brand... I intend to continue to be super hands on in my entertainment to apply this knowledge and not be controlled like a puppet on a string.

You did a cover of Sam Smith's "Stay with Me." Besides Sam Smith, who else do you like to listen to?

Who do I not listen to? Sam is incredible. My music taste is all over the place... But I love diversity in music and apply that to my sounds. I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson, his music has transcended the decades, but most importantly, he's a true performer. I love Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Pink -- their voices and ad libs give you goosebumps. They have incredible vocal control. Clean Bandit, OneRepublic, Black Violin, and Avicii are innovators. I could listen to Rod Stewart, Elton John, the Beatles, Queen and Def Leopard all day long.

What is your favorite part of living in South Florida?

South Florida weather is beautiful all year round. I don't mind the heat! The beaches are beautiful, and I'm close to both Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. There is so much to do here. It's also a melting pot of cultures, so it's cool to have so much diversity in friends, restaurants and events.

Plus, most of my family from both my mom's and dad's sides are within a 20-mile radius, so I really had an awesome childhood growing up with them in my life. I love my family so, so much. They have been extremely supportive of my career. They will wake up at 4 a.m., when I get back from the studio just to hear a rough mix of what I just finished recording.

When are you playing a show down here?

I have been focused on building my team and electronic press kit (EPK), so I don't currently have any shows lined up just yet. I just finished mastering three original songs. The feedback from various producers and music industry professionals is that these are radio-ready. Shortly after releasing my "Stay With Me" video, I got another opportunity to create a music video to one of my original songs, "Rather Be Dreaming." We're filming the second week of December, so it should be out at the start of the New Year.

Can you tell us about why kind of music you're trying to make?

My music fuses my pure voice with mainstream pop dance and throwback sounds. I incorporate real instruments, often times with a progressive "heart throbbing" beat. You can't help but move to it!

My music always has a gradual build and a big drop, very EDM style, but the music incorporates more than just the synthetic sounds. I never throw out the lyrics. My lyrics always tell a story and pull from real experiences and emotions in my life. They bring you on a journey metaphorically and physically.

I make my music so that people can relate to it. I want people to feel like the song was written for them, for their situation, which it was! No matter what, every chorus is a feel-good chorus. It's uplifting, it gives hope, love, happiness. I am a very positive-thinker, glass is half-full type.

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