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County Grind and Green Room Present the Cost, the Jellyfish Brothers, and Boils and Goyles

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Don't let anyone tell you there's no good music coming out of South Florida. Our scene may be compact, but some of the most delightful things in life are diminutive, like kittens or sandwiches (the big ones are always kind of soggy, no?).

County Grind Live already presented several delicious slices of South Florida's scene. Among many other talented artists, we've hosted Afrobeta, Jacuzzi Boys, Holly Hunt, and Shroud Eater on the Green Room stage. We're certainly not done giving you solid chunks of sonic satisfaction. This September 15, Green Room and County Grind present the Cost, the Jellyfish Brothers, and Boils and Goyles.

Trust our good taste and come see them live. No regrets, bro. What follows are some sounds to prepare you for the audio assault of the fourth installment of County Grind Live. 

The Cost
The Cost is one local act with a sound that sets them apart and above many of the others. Though they're all in their very early 20s, lead singer Manny Roman gave his own solid interp of the Lemonheads' "My Drug Buddy" for County Grind's 420 cover songs, and recently at Lester's, the band covered The Cure's "10:15 Saturday Night." 

With their own modern angle, they're tapping into a musical past we're thrilled to see revived. The Cost has the jingle of garage pop, the darkness of the early Cure, and a definite fuck-you punk sensibility. 

The Jellyfish Brothers include actual brothers Gregorio and Eduardo Alvarez and Shroud Eater's Janet Valentine. Greg and Eddy not only play in the local scene but they document it with their totally relevant video doc series, Audio Junkie. At the last County Grind Live, Greg collaborated with Bleeding Palm to create fantastic visuals to accompany the performing acts. Though Valentine has already played the County Grind stage, we're certain her charms will work on audiences past metalheads. Below are two songs by the Jellyfish Brothers. "Paper Planes" was recorded by Rat Bastard. 

Boils and Goyles 
You might call this new act a Miami supergroup. Boils and Goyles is led by Rick Diaz of 90s Teen and, well, a slew of other projects, Rob Goyanes of Slashpine is on bass, and Dorys Bello of Luma Junger bangs prettily and heartily on the drums. Though they've only recently formed, already the band recorded with Rat Bastard and played a show in Orlando. Below is evidence of this baby band's future of grownup success. 

County Grind Live presents the Cost, the Jellyfish Brothers, and Boils and Goyles at 10 p.m. Saturday, September 15, for $5 at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. RSVP here on Facebook

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