Well, we hope not.
Well, we hope not.

County Grind Needs an Intern

Attention, students with writing skills, the beginning stages of tinnitus, and amorphous schedules: An internship has just opened up with your name on it in the County Grind/New Times Broward-Palm Beach den of music appreciation.

Emphasis that you must be in school of some sort (undergrad, grad, post-grad, you pick), so that we can give you college credit for your commitments, which would ideally be about 20 hours spread creatively over a five-day workweek starting in January.

Although this is an unpaid position, you will be paid for all writing

contributions -- and the right internship candidate will obtain many

opportunities to develop as a writer, editor, and journalistic hero.

Experience with blogging software would be an enormous asset, as well as

proximity to our Fort Lauderdale office.

To apply, send an email with "County Grind Internship" in the subject line to music@browardpalmbeach. And tell us:

1. Your relevant experience, interests, and career goals.

2. Where we can read samples of your writing (links are ideal).

3. Your school and a proposed schedule that fits loosely within regular daily business hours.

That's it! Thanks for your attention.


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