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County Grind's Picks for Local Acts Taking the SunFest 2012 Stage

County Grind readers, SunFest has certainly brought you a smorgasbord of options this year. Virtually every style of music to tickle every type of fancy. Hip hop your thing? Slick and smooth L.A. rapper Snopp Dogg is bringing you a glass of "Gin and Juice."  Like your rhymes with more Latin spice? Miami's Pitbull is meant for you. Country more your cup of tea? Tampa twanging troupe The Outlaws have got you covered. Mainstream rock more your vibe? Creed and The Fray will not disappoint.

You get the picture, as far as national acts go, SunFest promoters have done a stellar job in satisfying just about every taste bud.

But readers, you know we here at the Grind are staunch advocates of local music. How does SunFest stack up when it come to providing variety with local bands? Surprisingly well, as we came to find out. 

Just as it does with national touring acts, SunFest also offers a wide array of local talent for disparate musical appetites. From hip hop to Indie to flamenco jazz fusion even, we found something for everybody. Read our local picks right here. 

Those seeking out peppy indie rock, in the vein of Passion Pit, look no further that West Palm Beach five-piece D.V.N.O. The band, lead by brothers Marco and Jacob Baez are named after a song from gritty French dance duo Justice -- should give you a hint that the beats are going to be just right for hip-shaking. D.V.N.O. however, throw in just enough jangly guitar parts to win over college radio types.They have garnered our interest already, so chances are good if independent rock is your speed, D.V.N.O will satisfy.

Performing Sunday May 6 at 4:30 p.m.

Oval Red

Palm Beach Gardens' Oval Red attack with quick spitting rhymes over polished production. These Palm Beach County teens (ranging in age from 17-19) will appeal to fans of
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Akon alike. Coming out with a gusto of acts twice their age, the fellas from Oval Red are bound to win over many a hip-hop fan with their performance at this year's SunFest.

Performing Saturday May 5 at 8 p.m.

The Rosco Martinez Band

Rosco Martinez and his backing band are the SunFest wild card. They certainly are an inspiring case, with their blend of classic rock chops and soulful inflections, Martinez and company beat out over 24 bands in a four-week period during the SunFest Rock-n-Roll Shootout, to win a spot on SunFest's Tire Kingdom stage. Martinez virtuosic guitar licks and vocals call to mind the monstrous howl of Chris Cornell. They will allure crowds of all ages, from fans of Jimi Hendrix all the way through followers of Soundgarden.

Performing Saturday, May 5 at 2 p.m.

Taylor Road Band

Lead singer/guitarist Adam Fine belts out the fine melodies for West Palm Beach's Taylor Road Band. Together the three-piece dishes out high-octane acoustic rock with the kind of mass appeal that will have soccer moms and mall rats bobbing their heads in unison. West Palm Beach Mayor Louis Frankel was such a fan, she stated: "Taylor Road is the best band I have seen open for anyone at the Meyer Amphitheater." Fans of Nickelback and the Counting Crows, look no further than the Taylor Road Band to get your kicks. 

Performing Friday May 4 at 5:45 pm.

Urban Gypsy

Those of you who believe you have a more refined palette, Palm Beach flamenco jazz fusion outfit Urban Gypsy will be the set to watch. This is for the more sophisticated jazz listeners in the crowd. Led by saxophonist and flautist John Michalak, Urban Gypsy is the enchanting, WLRN highbrow approved option indeed. Michalak is a exceptional musician, and a true professional as well, he is a Grammy Nominee whose passionate style has earned him recording and performance slots with such big names as Carole King, Julio Iglesias, KC and the Sunshine Band, David Lee Roth, Gloria Estefan... We could keep going, but you get the idea, this guy is a tried-and-true, seasoned veteran.

Performing Sunday May 6 at 1 p.m.

SunFest takes place in West Palm Beach from May 2 to 6. Check the website for details

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