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Creed Recording Fifth Album, Throwing Mad Metal Horns

Recently, Marilyn Manson biographer Neil Strauss provided the astute advice: "If you act and look the part, you will become the part." Now, another of Florida's most infamous musicians, Creed, is taking that advice by the horns, if you will.

You see, frontman Scott Stapp's Twitter has been going wild the past few days with updates on the band's studio sessions for its fifth album, the second since its 2009 re-formation. It began on Friday, when Stapp wrote: "Getting pumped. Writing with [Mark] Tremonti on Monday. We spoke and have 'that feeling' again." Aside from the "feeling" that they'd like to assemble some more postgrunge, there's a chance they want these sessions to rock extra hard. Like, the kind of monstrous, brutal rock that was most likely originally signified by Ronnie James Dio and was featured on the hand of still-in-the-womb local rocker Harrison Snow.

What better way to show you aren't taking any chances than to throw the horns in every single shot to document your studio time?

Day 1:

Three days ago, Scott Stapp began setting up in Mark Tremonti's studio and packed a few horns for the trip.

As the day progressed and more people arrived, there was no reason to hide those horns:
Can a jam session be an excuse to throw up those horns? Don't see why not.

At the end of a successful day, what better way to celebrate than to point two of the most metal fingers on the human hand to the sky?

Day 2:

"VERY good day today," but no horns.

Day 3:

Yesterday, "mixing down some new CREED demos. It's been a very creative couple days..." And the horns are back.

Thanks for the peek behind the curtain, Creed! If you decide to title album number five \m/, we approve.

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