Crown TV Now Selling Records, Reconditioned Turntables, and Collectables in Deerfield Beach

By Daniel J. Stout

Crown TV & Records has been a trusted name in stereo and television repair in Deerfield Beach since 1967. From its Hillsboro Square exterior, placed comfortably in a small building housing Michael's Haircutters and the award-winning Charm City Burger Co., it would appear to be there for just that.

But for the past two years, the store has been one divided. The rear section is still a busy workshop dedicated to doing what Crown has been doing since its inception: servicing TVs, stereo systems, and most recently guitar amplifiers. While in the front area, one can treat oneself to an array of collectibles: T-shirts, turntables, and, most important, vinyl records. The items may be perused at leisure while listening to the consistent stream of high-fidelity rock 'n' roll. The whole assemblage has a purveying sense of nostalgia for a time before iPhones, Androids, Amazon, and eBay.

Nestled in with the Adam West camp-era Batman toys, Bob Marley shirts, and various other pop-cultural paraphernalia are the new records, still in the plastic, ranging from Katy Perry's One of the Boys to a Soundgarden ten-inch singles box. Below those are the bins of older records of jazz, soul, country, and rock.

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