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Crumble Comp Assembles Death to the Sun's Best & More

Those itching for remnants of this past weekend's collection of South Florida's weirdest and wildest acts at the Snooze Theatre, Death to the Sun III, should let their MP3 collection get crumbled. Don't worry; the process is painless and will have no adverse effects on your hard drive.

The Crumble Comp, assembled by Animals of the Arctic's Alex Puentes, marries the work of 14 area artists, and at least half of them were on hand for the latest running of DTTS. You can watch some flippin' impressive video captured by Adele Hampton here and read my review of the action here.

Crumble Comp Track Listing

Flux Forces - "Seance"
Dino Filipe - "Guitar Hero 69"
Meat - "Let's Make a Fond Memory"
Curious Hair - "Mandela (sic.)"
Treasures - "Roy Trapiers'"
Manny Mangos - "14th St."
Ticks - "Untitled"
This Heart Electric - "Escape From L.A. (Demo Version)"
90s Teen - "Emotional Block"
Chris Video - "Disko Queen"
Möthersky - "Statues in Motion"
Fourier - "Hawk Moth"
Animals of the Arctic - "March Madness"
Los Espejos/The Muslims/Cosmic Reys - "Caveman Rock"

Download here.

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