Cute Is What We Aim for to Play Culture Room

Cute Is What We Aim For, an emo indie-pop quartet that formed in Buffalo, New York, in 2005, has seen ups that brought the band into the Billboard charts and downs that nearly led to the project's dissolution. With clever lyrical twists on emo fare and posturing that highlights the band's most advertised attribute, Cute Is What We Aim For quickly became a 'tween favorite and gained the attention of Fueled by Ramen records.

The band released its debut album, The Same Old Blood Rush With a New Touch, in 2006 and followed that up with Rotation, an album more influenced by classic-rock musicians like Tom Petty than by the band's contemporaries, in 2008.

After a near breakup following internal strife that arose last year when Cute headlined the 2009 Take Action Tour, heartthrob frontman Shaant Hacikyan decided to stick with the project that so many people had put time, effort, and money into and get back to work. Cute Is What We Aim For is back in action with an aggressive spring tour that takes it to both coasts. The group lands at Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room with supporting band the Friday Night Boys and other guests Saturday night.

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Courtney Hambright