Cyanide Xmas Fetish Party: Seasons Beatings (Five Surprises)

Saturday, Mickie Centrone attended the Cyanide Xmas Fetish Party: Seasons Beatings at Downtown 28 in Hollywood.

We're not going to be sourpusses about it: The attendance at Electrolust's fetish party Saturday night was small, but that's fine. While in the stall using the toilet, loud spanking noises ricocheted off the mirror and walls. By the sink, a group of girls spanked each other. They giggled, and that's worthy of a smile.

This only happens at a fetish party, and this one was Cyanide Xmas Fetish Party: Seasons Beatings.

So, the Electrolust fetish parties have a new home at Downtown 28 in Hollywood. These festivities were moving around as of late and trying to follow a moving caravan can be tricky -- so this is good. Downtown 28 has a solid amount of space -- and it was dark. Josepher Ringleader, head of Electrolust, poured black over all the windows -- and closed off the main door -- to help create the proper, dungeony vibe.

The venue is both indoors and outdoors -- a fetish party outside! We ogled the scantily dressed (a highlight was a woman in Santa Claus

lingerie) in smoke-free, crisp air. Two attractive young women in

naughty-school-girl type ensembles shook their half-bare asses as fast

as they could with their legs fiercely planted on the ground. (Dress

code warning: The dance floor outdoors has a gravel ground, which is

really hard to dance on in heels. It's no problem for boots. Many of the

folks (men) who love stomping to this harsh techno wear big, thick boots, so

Electrolust should keep that music outside.)

It's the small surprises that count. Here are five that were found -- and you could find -- at an Electrolust fetish party. They're held the first Saturday of every month.

5. The small cage.

4. The fishnet blouse.

3. The southern lights.

2. A hot cyborg-esque chick: Carla X.

1. Some archaic piece of furniture somebody holds unto for stability while you beat 'em.

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Mickie Centrone