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Dan Doormouse: From Hardcore DJ to Hardcore Gym Owner and Trainer

totalclientsatisfaction.jpgWaukesha, Wisconsin transplant and Addict Records founder Dan "Doormouse" Martin has made more than a few different moves in the Miami and international music scenes. He evolved from a party (i.e. rave) DJ to become the godfather of Midwest hardcore, only to later transmogrify into a downtown and SoBe DJ of all trades.

Martin was long known for extremely erratic and confrontational performances that pushed the boundaries of what was expected in an already extreme and volatile scene. Now he is pushing the limits of exercise. Apparently in a quest to lengthen his own life and to improve his general mood, he entered on a path to functional fitness.  

In 2008 he joined forces with an Idol's Gym ex-pat, Peter Kazanas to open the Garage, a freeform and functional personal training gym. This gym utilizes free weights, gymnastics rings, rope climbing, sledgehammers and all manner of outside-the-box gear that you might never see in a Gold's or other big-box gym.

Now in 2009 they have entered another phase and are officially CrossFit affiliated, thus changing the establishment's name to CrossFit 305. CrossFit is a sometimes controversial fitness program started in California by Greg Glassman, based on gymnastics, weightlifting, and sprinting. 

Just like the dealers in Liberty City, Martin and Kazanas treat newcomers to the Garage to a free first session. Don't be surprised to see a steady stream of Miami nightlife's hipsters, wannabes, DJs, and crappy promoters going through the doors. 

CrossFit 305 is located in the heart of Lemon City at 288 NE 61st St, Miami. Call 561-809-2858.

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